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What is the talk all about chat. openai, ChatGPT, Bing

To test the myths, I thought I would try a quick test on what ChatGPT could write for me to explain AI in schools and in particular our school. After several attempts of refinement, careful questions, and explicit prompts, this is what AI wrote.

Ulladulla High, like many schools, is trying to understand AI and how it may elevate the learning experience. This AI tool brings undeniable benefits, offering tailored support to students, fostering critical thinking, and aiding educators in lesson planning. Yet, the embrace of ChatGPT in classrooms is not without concerns. Privacy, data security, and the potential for algorithmic bias loom as hazards. There's also the risk of diminishing human interaction in the learning process. Educators at Ulladulla High should receive training on overseeing AI interactions, striking a balance between technology and traditional teaching methods. In essence, while ChatGPT holds promise, a cautious approach is vital. With thoughtful guidelines and ethical implementation, Ulladulla High can leverage AI to enrich education, maintaining a harmonious blend of technology and human-centric learning.

The DoE Links DoE Guidelines regarding use of generative AI (ChatGPT) and Harvard_EmbracingAiClassroom

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