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Support staff

Meet the dynamic and professional support staff who ensure quality systems and admin operate in our school.

School Business Manager

Mrs Leanne Colley

Administrative Staff


                                                            Mrs Tracey Smith                                        Mrs Cara Brennan

                                                            Ms Jennifer Loft                                           Mrs Tracey Lenton

                                                            Mrs Carol Sawyer                                        Mrs Janet Andriske

                                                            Mrs Rebecca Fowler                                   Mrs Julianne Croker

                                                            Ms Shelley Young                                       Mrs Anne Malone

                                                            Mrs Jenny Jones                                         Mrs Jamie Morgan


  School Learning Support Officers

                                                          Mr Trevor Zappas                                        Mr Greg Todeschini

                                                       Mr Chris Sinden                                           Ms Sandra Paton

                                                            Mr John Field                                               Ms Terese Breakspear

                                                            Ms Anita Radford                                        Mr Matthew Williams

                                                            Ms Jacqueline Gallagher                           Mrs Tracey Luker

                                                            Ms Stacey Hurley                                        Ms Shannon Bradley

                                                            Mrs Leanne McLaren                                 Ms Yvonne Phelan

                                                            Mrs Elissa Skinner                                       Ms Camilla Weeks

                                                            Mrs Larissa Behn                                         Mrs Natalie Findley

                                                            Mrs Beatrice Punnett                                 Mrs Jeanne Fox

Technical Support Officer          

Mr Blake Graham                                       Mr Jamie Woods

Site Manager                                  

Mrs Ange Edwards

Communications Officer            

Mrs Rebecca Fowler

Aboriginal Education Leader    

Mrs Natasha Mooney

Aboriginal Assistant                     

Mrs Nellie Mooney

Aboriginal Education Officer     

Ms Erica East

Aboriginal Education Mentor    

Ms Carly Morton


Science Assistants                       

Mrs Jodie Butler                                          Mrs Cherie Smith

Home Economics Assistant       

Mrs Lissa Bingham

General Assistant                          

Mr Timothy Hewitt

Farm Assistant                               

Mr Darren Edwards