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Code of conduct for parents and visitors

Code of conduct for parents and visitors

At Ulladulla High School we believe in giving all of our students the best opportunity to achieve their aspirations. Parents and carers are vital in the partnership with our school to support our students.  It is necessary to have procedures and protocols to maintain a harmonious and safe school environment. The best results are achieved from working together.

Parents and visitors are expected to:                  

  • Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy
  • Make appointments in advance of expecting to obtain an interview
  • Allow staff to supervise and manage students without interference
  • Never approach students in the school with a view to making allegations against or threatening students
  • Discuss issues or concerns about the school, staff or students through the correct procedures (as outlined below)
  • Follow school procedures governing entry and behaviour on school grounds.
  • Use language that is appropriate at all times in the presence of students, staff or visitors.
  • Please note that it is a work health and safety requirement for all persons entering onto the school grounds to first obtain a visitors pass from the Administration office, accessible via the St Vincent Street entrance to the school.

Occasionally parents or guardians may need to approach the school in order to:

  • Discuss the progress, health or welfare of own child(ren), or family issues
  • Express concern about alleged actions of own child(ren) or other students
  • Enquire about school policy or practice
  • Express concerns about the alleged actions of staff or volunteers.

Concern: regarding academic progress of own child

Appropriate action: directly contact the child's teacher by note, email or by phone to arrange an appointment. For concerns across a range of subjects contact the Year Adviser.

Concern: regarding the welfare of own child

Appropriate action

  • for minor issues, directly contact your child's Year Adviser.
  • For more serious concerns, contact either the Head teacher Wellbeing, Counsellor or Deputy Principal and give an overview.
  • To convey information about change of address, phone no., emergency contact, custody details, health issues etc, please contact office staff.

Concern: actions of other students

Appropriate actions

  • contact the class teacher or Head Teacher of the subject for a classroom problem.
  • Contact Deputy Principal for playground or travel problems.

Concern: school policy or practice

Appropriate actions

  • contact Office. State nature of concern and make an appointment to see the Deputy Principal or Principal.
  • P&C meetings can also be a forum for consideration of policy.

Concern: actions of a staff member

Appropriate actions

  • for minor matters, contact the staff member or their Head Teacher directly to clarify concerns.
  • For more serious matters, contact the Deputy Principal or Principal and state concerns.

In those cases, where people wishing to express concerns do so in an offensive, aggressive, threatening or violent manner, the Principal (or nominee) has the legal authority to:

  • terminate any phone conversation or meeting
  • direct the person to immediately leave the school grounds
  • call the Police to remove the person should he/she refuse
  • withdraw permission (by letter) for the person to enter the grounds without the Principal's permission and/or subsequently limit that person's contact with school staff.
  • seek further legal avenues.

Your cooperation is sought in maintaining an effective, safe and happy school.