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Mathematics is a Board Developed Course

Course details are included on RoSA

Course details are included on School Report

In 2024, a new syllabus will be implemented for Mathematics. We will be following a flexible Core-Paths structure to meet students’ needs and encourage student aspirations, while preparing for Stage 6 Mathematics, as well as post-school skills and pathways. The structure is intended to extend students as far along the continuum of learning as possible and provide solid foundations for the highest levels of student achievement. The structure allows for a diverse range of endpoints up to the end of Stage 5.

The classes will be created to prepare for each of the Stage 6 Mathematics courses as follows:

• Preparation for Extension/Advanced

• Preparation for Advanced/Standard

• Preparation for Standard

• Preparation for Standard/Numeracy

It is important to note that Stage 6 course eligibility will not be determined at the beginning of Stage 5.

The core content will be taught at all levels and all classes will have an explicit focus on ‘working mathematically’ where students communicate reasoning, understanding and fluency, and engage in problem solving. There will be opportunities to extend students with pathway content at all levels.

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