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Course Outlines for Stage 5 Courses

Principal’s Message

The opportunity for students to select subjects that hold their interests and passions, along with alignment with their future aspirations is a time that we look forward to as a school. At UHS we have an abundance of extraordinary subject choices which foster many diverse and authentic learning experiences for our students. As the world faces deep and widespread changes that are transforming our world, schools are afforded opportunity to encourage students to choose more broadly, to focus on developing the ‘dispositions of learning’ and the abilities to critically reflect, communicate, collaborate and be creative. We encourage students to think through this stage of high school as infinite, that is, anything is possible in the learning journey.

The elective courses you ultimately choose for Year 9 will help to inform your senior pathway, but not determine it. Year 9 and 10 is opportunity to build your understanding of yourself as a learner and gain confidence in your ability to develop cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and aptitudes.

Seek advice from teachers, students, parents, careers advisor and employers when thinking about what you might choose. Do the research on the subject that interest you, but also in those subjects that you know nothing about, you may surprise yourself on what they have to offer.

The NESA Record of Achievement is a milestone of attainment and successfully completing that step ensures success toward the HSC and beyond.

Achievement and success are a combination of passion, effort, resilience, and perseverance. I commend all students to develop your understanding of what is on offer, seek timely advice, feedback and open to new ideas, all of which are essential for ultimately improving your school journey.

To the class of 2027, set your goals, be kind to yourself and go for excellence. This will lead into an exceptional year ahead.

Denise Lofts



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