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Principal's message

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'Passion for students and excellence in future-oriented real world learning'.


My passion is for all our students at Ulladulla High School to be  "world class successful global learners" who have future skills that prepare them for true success beyond school. Therefore it is our unrelenting goal to be a school community that strives beyond the summit to be the very best we can be and provide learning opportunities to fulfil this goal.


I have travelled extensively over the last 2 years visiting schools in Asia, including Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Fiji, Italy, South Korea and the US. As part of the 2013 Northern Sydney Department Education Felllowship and most recently 2014 NSW Premiers PWC Educational Leadership Scholarship. This depth of understanding has provided the scope of understand to put in place a vision of success and what we need to do to give our students the very best opportunities.


I strongly believe our students are equal to the best in the world. If they choose, can make careers in any field of study they feel passionately about. It is this "hook" to learn that engages young people in meaningful, authentic and deep learning experiences. At Ulladulla High we are leading our teachers and students to be leading learners in all areas of the curriculum. 

Our vision

We have always been a school of excellence, dedication and commitment which will continue to serve us well in our future vision.

Our three strategic directions are:

  • equip students with future 21st Skills
  • our teachers are world class leaders in learning
  • focus on relevant "real world" connections across all learning platforms.

Setting the scene

We have set the sails for our school to be a place of excellence in critical ideas, collaborative learning and world class creative thinkers. 

I welcome all the students and their parents and carers to our great school. However, it is a place that you will get as much as you put in. Your challenge is to be as involved with the life of the school as much as you can. We encourage you to take every opportunity,  I mean every opportunity, however small, its all about one step at a time. 

If you look around at our school,  you will see we are a school of immense amenities. We value the support of the community to gain such wonderful facilities and grounds. 

Education at Ulladulla High School will look different, very different to the learning that most of us experienced at school. The rows of desks and the teacher centered classrooms are symbols of the past. Our classrooms are future orientated. 

Our vision is to be world class learners who have real world connections that prepare our students to have the 21st Century skills they need to be successful. 

Our teachers are always striving to improve, we strive to be leaders in learning, a team of teachers meet with professors and academics to explore new ways of learning that prepare our students for tomorrows world.

What will and should learning look like

With that said, really, how will learning look at Ulladulla High School?

  • Learning will be 24/7. Learning is not something that teachers switch on as a student walks in the front gate. 
  • That students are truly engaged in the learning process and are co- designers in projects/products of learning.
  • We will have Large classroom spaces for collaboration, round tables will replace rows of desks.
  • Exhibitions of learning
  • lounge spaces with wireless internet will replace rows of PCs where students can read, collaborate, create and discover 
  • the notion of the 'learning' (classroom) with be broad and sophisticated. 
  • Norms will be built around responsibility and respect. With freedom for students will come responsibility. 
  • There will be 'gamification' for learning as part of project based, authentic, quality products of learning. 
  • Project based learning in which students build solutions to real world issues, learning labs complemented with full scale virtual courses.
  • Student generated courses
  • student to student learning
  • presentations of learning
  • student and teacher collaboration and critiquing of quality explicit work and products. 
  • "Bring your own technology" will be as normal as your wrist watch.
  • 'Flipped classrooms' in which gives students virtual material for homework so that class time is used for higher order review, discussion and extension.
  • There will be 'gamification' for learning. 
  • Cloud computing and the reorganisation, replacement and reallocated notion of school structure. Teaching buddies and teacher partners. 
  • We will be exploring ways of combining space, effort and tools differently.

It is one of the most exciting times in education for generations. In the words of Steve Jobs "why join the navy if you can be a pirate".

I welcome you to be partners in the success of all our young people of this fantastic community. Finally, take the opportunity to ask some questions, find out about our school.

Join our Principals and student-led tour each month. 

Call the Front Office to book your place to meet with me and visit.

Denise Lofts

Ulladulla High School
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