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Tournament of Minds

Mindfulness and a focus on wellbeing has been leveraged across the school in particular as a tool that has been of great support in response to the recent COVID pandemic. Students have the skills in which to meditate (Mindfulness) which has been invaluable moving into 2020 as a result of the bushfires.

The application of the mindful minute is applied in classes, along with the mindful benefits of brain breaks has ensured that the alignment of good learning habits aligns with the neuroscience and wellbeing.

Teachers are endeavouring to embed mindful practice as an integral part of their learning routine.  In addition, the Milumba Support Unit, 11 classes use mindfulness as its core for de-escalation and dealing with Trauma.

Year 9 students have produced a video that outlines the benefits from mindfulness for both students and staff. It is a powerful message of wellbeing.

Year 12 and Year 11 in preparation for their study and exams, have been involved in mindfulness activities as a part of their study routine. Our teachers are always advocates for what works well with students. We are working to turning our school into a place of mindful calm.

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