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Indonesian is a Board Developed Course

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Indonesia is Australia’s nearest neighbour in the Asia region and provides a rich cultural tapestry for those visiting. The Indonesian language is spoken across the 900 inhabited Indonesian islands, allowing for connection between the diverse people groups scattered across the Indonesian archipelago. The extraordinary environments; coral reefs, dense rain forests and unique animal life, attract over one million Australian visitors every year.

The ties between Australia and Indonesia continue to develop, with an increasing number of Australians travelling to Indonesia for leisure, business and education purposes; numbers of Indonesians visiting Australia are also increasing. Australia has a strong diplomatic presence in Indonesia, and Indonesia is the largest recipient of Australian aid. Relations between Indonesia and Australia continue to grow in the areas of trade, education and youth exchange, offering invaluable opportunities for individuals studying the Indonesian language.

Students develop an appreciation for the place of Australia within the Asia region, including the interconnections of languages and cultures, peoples and communities, histories and economies.  The ability to communicate in Indonesian provides incentives for travel and for more meaningful interactions with speakers of Indonesian, encouraging socio-cultural understanding.

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