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Child Studies

Child Studies is a Content Endorsed Course

Course details are not included on RoSA

Course details are included on School Report


Aim: Child Studies aims to develop in students the knowledge, understanding and skills to positively influence the wellbeing and development of children in the critical early years in a range of settings and contexts.


Students will develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of child development from preconception through to and including the early years
  • knowledge, understanding and skills required to positively influence the growth, development and wellbeing of children
  • knowledge and understanding of external factors that support the growth, development and wellbeing of children
  • skills in researching, communicating and evaluating issues related to child development.
  • Students will value and appreciate:
  • the role positive parenting and caring has on a child’s sense of belonging and their health and wellbeing
  • the positive impact that significant others play in the growth and development of children