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Merit recognition scheme

Merit recognition scheme

Positive behaviour for success

The merit recognition scheme will give students positive reinforcement when they accept responsibility for their personal growth and learning.

The merit recognition scheme enables students to aim towards short-term as well as long-term goals over the years they spend at school. The merit scheme recognises efforts on a day to day basis as well as at a higher level of achievement.

Teachers identify areas such as Quiet Achievement, Citizenship, Academic Excellence, Outstanding Talent, Attendance, Sportsmanship and School Effort. During class time teachers will reward students with merits who are working well in any of these areas.

When students persevere and strive to do their best in a number of areas they can achieve the prestigious recognition of a Principal's Award at a special assembly to which family is invited, and the ultimate, UHS Gold Award, celebrated at Presentation Night. Every Principal's Award contributes to the House Shield for Principal's Awards.

Together with a student's School Certificate, Preliminary Certificate, Higher School Certificate, references and other awards, Merit Awards will be a valuable component of resumes when students leave school. Below is a diagram that shows the progression from small class merits to the highest honour, the Gold Award.

Merit Recognition Scheme (PDF 29KB)