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Japanese is a Board Developed Course

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Be Part of the “Global Conversation” and Be Ready for the Future: Sharpen Your Language Learning Skills. Japanese has been identified as one of the priority languages in the Asia-Pacific region to be taught in Australian schools and Japan is a gateway to other Asian cultures. Knowing Japanese will set you apart from the crowd. The Japanese are innovators, designers, and creative engineers in cultural exports and Japan is one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations.

Japanese provides opportunities for students to engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Japanese-speaking community. Through learning Japanese, students develop communication skills, gain insights into the relationship between language and culture, leading to lifelong personal, educational and vocational benefits. The study of Japanese provides students with opportunities for continued learning and for future employment, both domestically and internationally, in areas such as commerce, tourism, hospitality and international relations.

Studying Japanese can increase conscientiousness, personal responsibility, and dependability - the ability to act in a principled, ethical fashion - skill in oral and written communication - interpersonal and team skills - skill in critical thinking and in solving complex problems - respect for people different from oneself - the ability to adapt to change - the ability and desire for lifelong learning.

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