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Careers is part of the school curriculum

Course details are not included on RoSA

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Ulladulla High School aim is to provide Year 10 students with all the latest information that will help them make decisions about their future career and life beyond school. Students in Year 10 will be given 20 hours of instructed career education at Ulladulla High School as well as additional opportunities for career development.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in various activities including Work Experience, White Card Training, career specific course information sessions, including Defence and exposure to many other work-related opportunities.

The career module competencies include:

  • Build and maintain a positive self-concept
  • Interact positively and effectively with others
  • Change and grow throughout life
  • Participate in lifelong learning supportive of careers goals
  • Locate and effectively use careers information
  • Understand the relationship between work, society and the economy
  • Secure/create and maintain work
  • Make career enhancing decisions
  • Maintain balanced life and work roles
  • Understand the changing nature of life and work roles
  • Understand, engage in and manage the career building process


Subject Assessment:  The are no assessment activities for this course


Careers Adviser: Karyn Ingold