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Bring your own device

What is bring your own device?

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Bring your own device (BYOD) is a strategy whereby students are required to bring a familiar personal device to school to use as their primary technological device.


The school can provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered internet service. The Department of Education and Communities and Ulladulla High School are supporting the bringing of your own device for use at school. For more information see DEC BYOD policy.

Student bring your own device guidelines

Access to the department's Wi-Fi network and resources

Internet access through the department's Wi-Fi network will be provided on departmental sites at no cost to students who are enrolled in NSW public schools. If you choose to allow your student to have access to data on their mobile phone, it will not be filtered.

Acceptable use of devices

The principal will retain the right to determine what is, and is not, appropriate use of devices at the school within the bounds of the department's policies and NSW privacy and other legislation.

It is a requirement at Ulladulla High School that students complete the Bring Your Own Device Student Agreement BYOD student agreement (PDF 74KB) and return it for processing. For new enrolments, this form will be a part of your enrolment pack.

Long-term care and support of devices

Students and their parents/caregivers are solely responsible for the care and maintenance of their devices.

Students are responsible for ensuring the operating system and all software on their device is legally and appropriately licensed.

Students are responsible for managing the battery life of their device. Students should ensure that their devices are fully charged before bringing them to school. Schools are not responsible for (or restricted from) providing facilities for students to charge their devices.

Students are responsible for securing and protecting their device in schools, and while travelling to and from school. This includes protective/carry cases and exercising common sense when storing the device. Schools are not required to provide designated or secure storage locations.

Students should clearly label their device for identification purposes.

Damage and loss

Students bring their devices onto the school site at their own risk.  In cases of malicious damage or theft of another student's device, existing school processes for damage to school or another student's property apply. For advice on theft or damage of students' personal devices, schools should refer to:

What should I buy for my student?


Please refer to the following document for device minimum specification

Compatibility: please be careful about selecting a device, despite what retailers advise, not all devices will easily connect to the DETNSW Wi-Fi. The department's Wi-Fi network installed in high schools operates on the 802.11n 5Ghz standard. Devices that do not support this standard will not be able to connect. Please ensure the device has adequate battery life, is robust and has adequate storage space for your individual needs.

What about tablets?

If you already own a tablet/Ipad and you would like to bring it to school as your BYOD device you may do so.  We ask that parents consider purchasing a keyboard as using the onscreen keyboard greatly reduces the viewable screen space.

If you are considering purchasing a tablet for BYOD use we strongly recommend purchasing a laptop instead.

What if I need assistance with supplying my student with a laptop?

Laptops will be made available to students on a long-term basis. Any student can apply for a loan laptop by completing an application form that is available from the school's Technology Support Officer (TSO). Please note, that all applicants should be familiar with the Digital Devices and Online Services for Students policy.


Microsoft 365 and Adobe

Microsoft and Adobe are providing access to a variety software to all students with a DEC email address, instructions on how to download can be found below:

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