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Performance Skills (formerly known as Circus Skills)


Circus Skills is a School Developed Course

Course details are not included on RoSA

Course details are included on School Report

Circus is an art form with a distinct body of knowledge including conventions, history, skills and method of creating. It is a vital part of our society and is celebrated worldwide as an expression of culture and belief as diverse as the values found in Australian culture.

Circus will provide students both individually and in groups with the opportunity to blend specialist physical activities with theatrical performance skills. Circus encourages students to work collaboratively and co-operatively throughout the process of creating and performing circus

In circus students are provided with a medium for personal expression. This enables the sharing of ideas, feelings and experiences whilst providing a valuable and unique means of enriching the physical, athletic, emotional, intellectual and social development for all students.

This course is designed to complement and enhance both the Board developed Drama and Dance course, while utilising the distinct physical stylizations and theatrical elements that exist in the practice of circus.

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