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Work Studies (Head Start HSC Plus)

Work Studies is a 2 unit course for each of Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12). This is a Content Endorsed course.

Work in all its forms – paid and unpaid – plays a central role in our lives. Technological, social and economic factors are rapidly changing the nature of work, the traditional patterns of work organisation and how individuals engage in work. The successful transition of students from school to the workforce and further education and training is essential for individuals and for society. Individuals will need to be flexible and responsive to change along their career pathway. Opportunities for workers to change jobs, develop new skills and to obtain new experiences will be part of the future world of work.

The Work Studies CEC syllabus is designed to assist students in their transition from school to work. It develops knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by students in the transition to work and the skills needed for effective career planning and performance of tasks in the work environment. Integral to the Work Studies syllabus is a focus on the development of essential workplace skills. They are central to the core module and each of the elective modules. Students have an opportunity to practise these skills in appropriate work contexts. Click Here for the full course details.