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Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards of Excellence, UHS scoops 5 prestigious honours 

12 Sep 2022

Mrs Lofts, Mrs Barry and Mim Macdonell
Mim Macdonell

 Each so deserving of these awards. Mim is an exceptional young person in all aspects, as Vice-Captain she is committed to the life of the school, while achieving outstanding results across a range of rigorous subjects. Mim, is a clear-thinking leader, enabling student voice through her leadership roles on the SRC. An exceptional result. Mim is an incredibly passionate and committed student with a true aptitude for all things ISTEM and Engineering.  

Poppy Gillespie

Poppy Gillespie has been an exceptional student school leader.  The duly elected SRC President and prefect, and long standing SRC member, a Harding Miller Scholarship awardee for outstanding potential and receiving endorsement for a further 2 years demonstrated by her outstanding academic results. Poppy has been an advocate and leader of numerous projects across the school including advocating awareness of racism, sexism, and equal rights for all. Poppy epitomises the values of public education.  

We congratulate Mrs Anita Barry who is an exceptional Deputy Principal and has led the cultural change of pedagogy to engage and enliven student’s agency for learning. Her compassion and commitment to the learning outcomes and potential of young people has been seen through a community initiative for Drivers Education and the DoE Doves program. A true ambassador for all that public education represents.   


Mrs Suzie Taplin

Mrs Suzy Taplin is our extraordinary and hardworking ‘Evolve Coach’ teacher who provides an incredible layer of expertise in her influence and leadership at UHS ‘Evolve Coaching Program’. Suzy’s dedication to coaching has made immeasurable impact on our student and staff wellbeing. An outstanding, well-deserved award.  

The school also received the NSW DoE Secretary’s Award for Outstanding School Initiative for “The Sanctuary” which was a great honour. The Sanctuary – a place of hope and entrepreneurism, a place of Wellbeing and Renewal for the entire student population and their families. The sanctuary concept has provided a safe environment for positive initiatives, enhancing student and organisational contributions to positive recovery and resilience. The project began 2 years ago and now permeates across the school as it is both the physical space and the social space. People’s hearts and minds are what our project focussed upon,  and this was rewarded. The Sanctuary ‘head quarters’ will be officially opened in the coming weeks with a smoking ceremony, and we know we will be celebrating this fantastic initiative to set the stage for hope and space to ensure all our students have opportunity to achieve their potential.