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Health and Safety is everyone’s business

students wearing safety gear in wood technology

This week is Health and Safety Week, and what that means for each and every person, on our school site, is to take care of themselves and others, by taking action, when something is unsafe. This can mean reporting water on a floor that is a slip hazard, reporting unsafe behaviour, looking out for your friends, and taking care to make careful decisions and move safely through your day. 

student wearing safety glasses in Science

Students who participate in practical subjects including VET Courses, and have classes in the hospitality and tech rooms, science labs and specialist classrooms must follow explicit procedures around chemicals, tools and equipment to ensure we keep everyone safe. Almost all of our VET students from Year 9-12 complete a WHITE Card that is a mandatory component for students to complete their mandatory VET workplace hours in construction and building. This is a qualification to keep everyone safe. This week our teachers and support staff will be taking extra time to ensure that our classrooms are safe, and prioritising in reducing any risks of injury. #StaySafe #LookAfterYourFriends #ReportAHazard