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Promotion roll call

Students in Promotional Roll Call are chosen because they enjoy taking pictures and are good at this. Budding journalists are also on the team, they are given jobs to cover every week.

Some of the jobs Promo students are given include: Year 10 developing a page with reviews on it for others to read called, 'Hashtag This', also book reviews are often posted by the keen readers in the group, sports stories are one groups specialty and all students are assigned liaison groups to get stories from.

The students liaise with SEC, SRC, Gunya, Dhugan, Choir and Year Advisors as well as attending the Year group meetings to see if they get any news. Students are always on the lookout for a good scoop and often write about what their own classes are doing or interview others who have done news worthy things.

The deadlines are tight so our news is sometimes late but never boring!