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LINGUISTICS : an introduction to the study of language


Linguistics is the study of language and people who study language are called linguists. 

This is an elective subject for Year 9 & 10.

When thinking about how we learn language we sometimes don’t know why we say things the way we do in our birth language. Linguistics unpacks how languages are put together. 

In linguistics we study five main areas that form how language is put together.

1.    phonology (which is the study of sounds),

2.    morphology (the study of parts of words, like "un-" and "-ing"),

3.    syntax (the study of word order and how sentences are made - where the verb goes in an English sentence is different to a sentence in an Arabic language),

4.    semantics (the study of the meaning of words), and

5.    pragmatics (the study of the unspoken meaning of speech that is separate from the literal meaning of what is said; for example if you were to say "I'm cold" when really what you want is for someone to turn off the fan).

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