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Koori Korner

Bangarra Dance Group

Bangarra Dance

Last week our students participated in the second Zoom session with Bangarra Dance Theatre. The students are learning the dance together with other schools through this interactive and fun workshop along with our amazing dance teacher Mrs Grady. Our students are also choreographing and performing an individual piece that will be incorporated into the final performance. We are looking forward to our next session where we will continue to develop our skills. It is a wonderful program which keeps the students engaged through the learning of their culture.


Samara Williams

All the best Samara

As you all know, Samara has left to take up a wonderful opportunity at Brisbane Broncos, coordinating their Girls Program. We will miss her very much and acknowledge all of the work and support she has provided for our staff and students. This is an incredible experience for Samara and we wish her well in her new endeavour!


Students at tenpin bowling





Aboriginal Mentoring Program

Group 2 had a great time bowling in conjunction with the Aboriginal Mentoring Program. We thank the Aboriginal Health team who put on this program for our students. All Aboriginal students will be participating. Keep an eye out for your invitation.


NSW Secondary School Aboriginal Dance Program

UHS were one of the lucky schools to take part in a Zoom workshop with members of Bangara Dance Theatre. During the first 2 hour workshop students worked together, practising their moves which will culminate into a full performance. Students enjoyed their afternoon and Mrs Grady led the way with her moves.


Health checks

Thank you to Waminda who conducted health checks to our Indigenous students last Friday. This is part of the “closing the gap” initiative that ensures the health of our young people. If you have not returned your form for your health check it is not too late. Please hand it to Samara or Ms Mooney.


Homework Centre 


Come along to the Aboriginal Homework Centre!

The Homework Centre is not just for homework! It's a great place to check in with teachers, complete Assessment Tasks, get organised for the week ahead and receive one-on-one assistance in any of your subjects. You can find us in Q17 every Tuesday afternoon until 4.30. Food is provided. Bring along a friend and let's make it a group study session!


Bangarra Dance opportunity

UHS is lucky enough to be participating in the NSW Secondary Schools Aboriginal Dance Program for 2021. Over 4 workshops, students will work with Bangarra Dance Theatre to develop and perform with the group. Our first session is Tuesday March 9. Students interested in participating are encouraged to attend. This amazing opportunity is limited to 20 students. Please get your notes in to avoid disappointment.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this event please see Natasha, Samara or Mrs Grady.​

Weekly Meetings for Aboriginal students 

Every week Aboriginal students will attend a breakfast and catch up with Aboriginal Education Team staff. There you will have the opportunity to get information about upcoming dates to remember, programs and get organised for your day. 

Monday Week A - Years 10-12  - Gunya Room 9.10-9.30am

Monday Week B - Years 7-9 - Gunya Room 9.10-9.30am

Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES)

4-10 July 2021

The IAES Program gives 15 Indigenous high school students in NSW, who are in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2021, the opportunity to go to Sydney and explore the possibilities of studying and working within various fields of engineering. Due to uncertainties surrounding COVID restrictions, we are hosting both an in person IAES and an Online IAES. If you are interested in attending, please see Ms Morton or Samara for the application form. Applications close 5 May

PLPs for Aboriginal Students

During Week 5 the Personal Learning Plans Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students commenced. This process allows us to meet with students to identify their cultural and academic goals. For more information contact Ms Mooney or Samara.

Waminda Notes

Waminda is visiting our school to conduct health checks on our Koori students. Notes have been handed out to all students and need to be returned ASAP. If you lost your note, please see Samara in the Gunya Room. This is part of the Closing the Gap initiative.

Dance Group

with Mrs Grady will be Thursdays Week A, session 1 and Thursdays Week B, session 2. We have an exciting collaboration with Bangara Dance Theatre. This is a fantastic opportunity for both girls and boys. Come along and try it out.

Didge Group

If you are interested in joining the group. Please see Mr Richardson.

Homework Centre reminder

Our school proudly runs the Aboriginal Homework Centre every Tuesday during school term. This is an opportunity for students to catch up on work, receive assistance in completing assignments as well as catching up with friends. If you need a lift home, this can be arranged.


Aboriginal Health Checks with Waminda

Waminda Women and Family service will attend UHS to conduct Aboriginal Health checks for our students, this is part of the Australian Government Closing the Gap initiative. Consent forms have been handed out, however if you have misplaced it or didn't get one please see Samara. You will receive a free t-shirt on completion of your health check. Waminda will attend UHS on Friday 5 March from 10.30-3.00. In the past it was very difficult to get more Aboriginal Services to our area but now that they will be here I encourage you to make the most of these opportunities. 

Upcoming programs for 2021

Waminda Young Women's is back this year after not being able to run the program last year due to Covid. The youth workers are excited to return and meet the new students and re-engage with the old ones. Waminda will deliver the program once per term to discuss health, wellbeing, positive relationships, education and culture. All girls in Years 7-12 are invited to attend and participate in this amazing and engaging program.

Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) Young Koori Men's program

The program introduces strategies to develop and improve help seeking behaviours, overall wellbeing, self empowerment, and also supports and encourages healthy concepts of Aboriginality in our young people. The program aims to:

Provide day-to-day mentoring & support, support with education & employment pathways, increase overall wellbeing of Aboriginal youth and to encourage & support positive cultural identity.

Boonaan - UHS Girls Dance group

If you would like to join the Aboriginal girls dance group please see Samara or Mrs Grady to put your name down. 


Didge group

Miribi Bunbal - UHS Boys didgeridoo group 

If you would like to learn to play the didgeridoo and have the opportunity to perform in the community and at school events see  Samara or Mr Richardson to put your name down. 


Gunya room breakfast

Weekly Meetings for Aboriginal students 

Every  week Aboriginal students will attend a breakfast and catch up with Aboriginal Education Team staff. There you will have the opportunity to get information about upcoming opportunities, programs and get organized for your day. 

Monday Week A - Years 10-12  - Gunya Room 9.10-9.30am

Monday Week B - Years 7-9 - Gunya Room 9.10-9.30am


Health Checks with Waminda Family Service

Waminda Doctors and Health Workers will be coming to school to conduct Aboriginal Health Checks. Please return your consent forms so you can get your health check, you will get a free t-shirt as a incentive. This is a Closing the Gap initiative, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia are encouraged to get a health check. If you haven't been given a consent form see Samara. Health Checks commence in March. 



Bumulaga Njin will continue in 2021, all Aboriginal and TSI students are encouraged to attend. 

Next year will bring many opportunities and programs for you all to participate in and the Ab Ed Team encourages you to make the most of it and have a go. 

Waminda will coordinate Aboriginal & TSI Health Checks in Term 1 2021 and the South Coast AMS will be running a Young Men’s Cultural program, Waminda will continue the young Women's Wellbeing program, their will be opportunity to attend University Winter School and join the girls dance group or boys didge group. ​

The Aboriginal Education Team 2021 (Aunty Nellie Mooney, Auntie Natasha Mooney, Ms Samara Williams, Ms Carly Morton, Ms Eliza McCabe, Mr John Field, Ms Amanda Grady, Ms Fiona Williams, Mr Ben Barry and Mr Hamish Richardson) would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. We will see you all next year  - Waalawani x



If you would like to claim Abstudy for 2021, you can get the application forms from Samara in the Gunya room. Once application forms are completed they can then be dropped in to Centrelink to be processed. Funds are then sent to the school to be kept and used for your educational needs, ie uniforms, school fees, excursions, stationery, books, camps. Applications can also be done online at 

Aboriginal Health Checks 2021​

The team at Gadhu Balaang Biyani (Waminda Clinical Team) are running Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check days within the school for Indigenous students. This involves conversations with the Aboriginal Health Workers and GP's regarding your child's health and wellbeing. Follow ups can be discussed and allied health support through Waminda can be arranged. In the next two weeks consent forms will be coming home. If you would like your child to have a health check in Term 1 of 2021, please complete the registration and consent form and return to Samara.


Ruby Riley-Brown with her winning art work

NAIDOC Art Competition 2020

The winner of this year’s NAIDOC Art Competition is Year 11 student Ruby Riley-Brown. The artwork template was created by local Aboriginal artist Shane Snelson. The painting is of Warden Head, which is an area of significance to the Aboriginal families of Ulladulla. With this year’s NAIDOC theme being "Always was, Always will be" this was a fitting sight to be recognised and acknowledged. Well done Ruby and congratulations, we are very proud of you!! A big thank you to all the students who participated in the competition - your art work was outstanding. Ruby's artwork will go on the teachers jumpers in 2021 and she also received a $50 gift voucher from Office National. 
Student with samsung galaxy tablet

Gift Appreciated

The Aboriginal Education Team would like to thank Mr Ramden's mother, Ms Austin, for donating a Samsung Galaxy tablet to the school. The lucky student, who we believe is worthy of this amazing gift, is Lachlan Stewart Year 9. Lachlan has worked hard this year to improve his attendance despite the adversity and hardship 2020 has delivered. ​Thank you again Ms Austin, your support is appreciated and your gift will assist Lachlan greatly during his school years. Lachlan says ‘thank you’
The Excellence in Aboriginal Education awardees

NAIDOC week was very different to past years, though we still managed to connect to the significance of the message:
            Always Was, Always Will Be.

Shane Snelson came in on Monday to share his artistic skills and work with students on the art project - a representation of his sketch of 'Warden Head'. All entries were posted on the Drama Studio windows on Friday for the final judging. Shane decided upon Ruby Riley-Brown's entry (Year 11). Ruby's artwork (photo) will be the basis for the UHS staff jumpers in 2021, SBAT work shirts and all communications of the UHS Aboriginal Education Team. Congratulations Ruby!

The NAIDOC touch competition was a big hit thanks to
Mr Hallett and Ms Earl’s organisation (full report below).
Friday's NAIDOC assembly was an intimate event with only Year 8, 9 & 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attending (the revised date meant that Year 7 were at Coolendel, Year 11's were on their study day and Year 12 had finished their HSC). 

Whilst the remainder of the school watched a pre-recorded video of the event, our students were fortunate to have Aunty Nell & Mrs Lofts, our Boonan dancers and Didge group 'Miribi Bunbal'​ to present in person.

Year 11 Dance created an interpretation and representation of a range of insights from our school community from Aboriginal Education Officer - Samara Williams, Elder Aunty Nellie Mooney, Teacher Ms Natasha Mooney, outgoing prefect Tear Locke and Aboriginal student mentor Mr Ben Barry. Students interviewed each of the participants in relation to this year's theme and have represented their responses through movement. The choreography is generated from their words and transferred to movement. The work, titled ‘Insights’ was accompanied by music composed by the soundtrack of Rabbit Proof Fence & Archie Roach’s Munjana. 
Inspired by this year’s theme our Year 11, 9 & 8 Boonan dance students worked together on creating movement that was representative of their journeys combined with that of ‘Still here’ - Ulladulla High School’s Triple J Unearthed High Entry.
Congratulations to our Award winners:
1. The award for Commitment to Culture and Community: Angelique McCabe
2. The Commitment to Education and Leadership Award:
Riley Wooden
3. The Excellence in Aboriginal Education Award: Mrs Gough
4. The Uncle Fred Award for Educa-tional Strength and Resilience:
Jason Hughes
5. The Aunty Nellie Award for Courage and Compassion in Education:  Dylan Hodge


Teachers Vs students touch football game

NAIDOC Touch Comp

The annual NAIDOC touch football competition was a big hit with many students taking to the field for the round robin competition. The end of day results saw Midandahl defeat Mana 4-3 in the final with Lochi Wall scoring the winning try close to the final whistle.

The MVPs were: Boys: Darcy Wooden/Lochi Wall  and Girls:    Maddison Morris/Ella Stewart.  It was great to see lots of students helping out with refereeing and scoring duties. The popular Teachers vs Students was a close game with full time score 2-2.
In a drop off the teachers were the first over the line, with
Mrs Johnson scoring a try for the team. The students responded with a try, making it a tight call. The students held on, scoring once again to give them their 1st victory in years and a 4-3 win. Well done to all staff and students. 



Student playing the didge

Mirbi Bunbal means "Thunder Stick"


Over the holidays Chase practiced and practiced his circular breathing and now he can do it!!! Chase has excelled in his didge lessons with Mr Richardson and the boys and will be a leader of this group in the coming years. Well done Chase, your dedication, persistence and connection to your Aboriginal culture is paying off.

Well done mate, we are all very proud of you.



8-15 November 



We are in the process of creating a program for NAIDOC week celebrations here at UHS. We will hold touch footy, art competitions and more so keep an eye out and register your interest. The didge boys and girls dance groups have been rehearsing for our assembly which is going to be deadly. 


Business Wellbeing Education Program 

The Aboriginal Young Men's Business Wellbeing and Education Program was created together with the Aboriginal Medical Services Drugs & Alcohol team and the UHS Aboriginal Education Team for our boys in Years 7-10. The AMS will present to the students 1 day a week for 6 weeks and they will discuss the affects of drugs and alcohol, addiction, mental health, positive relationships, lateral violence, respect, culture, breaking the cycle, brothers supporting brothers and lived experiences. The boys are given the opportunity to be open and ask questions in a culturally safe environment around their peers and elders. 

Thank you to Uncle Warren and Uncle Malcolm for running the first session, the boys were engaged and found your presentation to be"very interesting and "so good". The boys are looking forward to the upcoming presentation. The next presentation is on Wednesday 28 October Session 2 in the Library.

"They spoke about things that aren't usually spoken about openly, which I found so helpful, interesting and good"

Brody Lavington Yr 9

"Being able to hear their stories and hear them talk instead of watching movies or powerpoint presentations was so much better" - Jason Rice Yr 9

Good luck Tear, Riley, Jason, Ebony and Lucy in your HSC you got this. We are super proud of you and we are here for you! 


Year 12's 

Good luck to our 8 Koori Year 12 students with your HSC. Study hard, stay focused and don't forget your mental health is priority. The Ab Ed Team are extremely proud of you. YOU GOT THIS!!! 


Homework Centre ​

Ms Morton helping students at the homework centre

With only 9 weeks left in 2020 let us help you get your assessments, assignments and class work completed at our homework centre. You will have all the support you need at our homework centre to finish the year off in style. Get to Q17 every Tuesday from 3.15-4.30pm for homework centre and afternoon tea. 


2021 National Indigenous Autumn School @ ANU

Aboriginal students in Years 10 & 11, if you are interested in attending please see Samara for an application. 

Upcoming dates to remember:

Young Aboriginal Men's Health & Wellbeing Program - Years 7-10​ 

​Wednesday 21 October - Library Downstairs 

10:45am - 12.15pm

Whitecard Course

Thursday 22 October - TLS –8.30am

Homework Centre

Every Tuesday - Q17

3:15pm - 4:30pm



Denise Lofts with students at the PCYC program

PCYC Fit 2 Learn Program


Congratulations to the boys who participated in the 8 week PCYC Fit 2 Learn Program with Ice, Snr Constable Ward and Snr Constable White. This program is designed to re-engage disengaged youth into the education system, allowing them to further develop intellectual and social skills. The program encourages participants to explore their strengths in building respectful relationships within the school environment whilst also developing emotional intelligence skills preparing them for future employment. Huge thank you to the PCYC team for this great opportunity and to Ice who is always there to support the boys. 


Emile with Year 9 boys at the Bumulaga Njin breakfast program

Thank you to Emile our new Student Support Officer here at UHS for coming to our Year 9 Bumulaga Njin breakfast program. This was a great opportunity for Emile to get to know our boys, build a rapport and let them know what he does here at school. During this time the boys discussed their interests, hobbies, future aspirations and Emile let them know that if they needed someone to talk to or needed support that he is available.  

Thank you Emile, much appreciated.


Waminda Young Women's Program

It was fantastic to see Mel & Betty from Waminda with the Aboriginal Young Women's Program, which has been running in our school for the past 2 years. This program has been instrumental for our girls, allowing them to stay connected to their culture and discuss topics around wellbeing, mental health, making positive choices and knowing who to reach out to in times of need. Waminda offer many services to support families and youth in the Shoalhaven.  The girls are aware that if they need support or someone to turn to that Waminda is available to them. As it was "R U OK" day the girls created a yarning circle and talked about who and what it is that keeps them strong, how they can care for themselves, how they can heal and who they can turn to in times of need.



Lane Williams

Bumulaga Njin 

The Bumulaga Njin Koori students breakfast program is where you come to have breakfast, catch up, discuss upcoming opportunities and programs with Samara, Aunty Nell and Mrs Williams. This program is for your benefit. We want to see you all there from 8.50am - 9.10am. At the moment we are learning the Acknowledgement to Country in Dhurga, thanks to Lee Brooks and Uncle Shane from the Lands Council who we recorded doing it and are now practicing until we become fluent and confident. Here is a photo of Lane Williams Y7 practicing. 

Your year group days:

Monday Yrs 11 & 12           Thursday Y9

Tuesday      Y7 Friday Y10

Wednesday Y8


Didg group for Triple J Unearthed

Triple J Unearthed

Get online and vote for UHS Miribi Bunbal Didg group to win Triple J's Unearthed!!!!
https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/miribi-bunbal-yidaki-bumawa  The tracks are amazing and we are so proud of you all.
Good luck!

students at Rollcall breakfast

Bumulaga Njin - Rollcall Breakfast

It is important that all Aboriginal students attend the roll call breakfast in the Gunya Room. We encourage you to come for breakfast, catch up with what is happening in our community, get support and be around one another. At the moment we are learning the acknowledgment to country in Dhurga, this is a great opportunity to learn the local language and stay connected to your culture, which is very important. See below the days your year group need to attend Bumulaga Njin at 8.50-9.10am.
     Monday         Yrs 11 & 12
     Tuesday         Yr 7
     Wednesday    Yr 8
     Thursday       Yr 9
     Friday            Yr 10


Aboriginal students elected to SRC & SEC in 2020


Congratulations to Mikayla Helms Y9 who has been selected to the SEC, Dylan Hodge Y8 and Angelique McCabe Y8 who have both been selected for the SRC. Congratulations to Ruby Frank (Yr 11) - selected as senior Prefect. We are all so proud of your achievements and willingness to be leaders and role models. Keep up the good work!! 

WAMINDA - Free Health Check 

Waminda Women and Family Service will commence FREE HEALTH CHECKS at Rowens Arcade, Ulladulla, from 10.30am - 1pm for Aboriginal families. This is a great opportunity to engage with an Aboriginal service to get advice, referrals and a health check. 

Wandama AECG Meeting  

Due to Covid restrictions the Wandama AECG has not been able to meet except 

Cultural Hub - Wednesday, Week B, Session 1 in the MPC

​The Ab Ed Team, with the support of Mrs Lofts, will be introducing a Cultural Hub to run every Wednesday Week B in Session 1. We would like your input about what you would like to learn about your culture during Cultural Hub. We envision that all Aboriginal students will attend and have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities which will be run by the Aboriginal Education Team. Activities such as dancing, singing, didge, painting are just some of the ideas. This will be a great opportunity to engage/re-engage in your culture that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to. All Aboriginal students Years 7-12 are encouraged to attend. 

Homework Centre

Every Tuesday in Q17 from 3.05-4.45pm. All students are encouraged to attend to get on top of course work, homework, and/or N awards. We're here to support you to do your best.

With more and more restrictions being lifted we are now allowed to have our much needed programs return to our school. In Term 3 we see Waminda return to run the Young Women's Program, the PCYC will run a "Fit to Learn " 6 week boys program and the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) will run a Health, Wellbeing and Drugs and Alcohol education session. These are great opportunities and we hope that you all engage and participate. 

Year 10-12 Students

If you have N Award's can you please see Samara or email Mrs Gough for support. It is important that you get all your assessments in and get the support you need. ​​Come to homework centre to get extra support and help. 


Homework Centre

Homework Centre

Is in Q17 on Tuesdays 3.05-4.45pm and we would like to see you all there! We have a great bunch of amazing teachers/tutors from all subjects to assist. Please use this great resource to get the help and support that you need to be successful and organised.  See you all there!!


Those who applied for Abstudy in 2020 the funds have been received by the school. The funds can be used for uniforms, stationery, excursions and electives.
See Samara if you would like to know if your Abstudy has been received. 

Student working on PDPHE assignment


The Aboriginal Education Team mentors have been working with students to complete overdue work and clearing N Awards. Senior Aboriginal student mentor Mrs Gough has been working with the senior students via Microsoft Teams and they have been smashing the N Awards. We have been working hard to get to all our students who need our support and arranging times for them to come to the Gunya room to work with either Mrs Gough - online or Samara. Mrs Gough works with and supports the senior students Years 10-12 and Samara works with the junior students Years 7-9. 

If I am yet to see you and you feel you need extra support or help with your work please come to the Gunya room and we can arrange a time to meet. Samara.


Didge and Dance Group

If you would like to join either of these groups please let Mr Richardson or Mrs Grady know. We are in the process of recommencing our program and will let you know when we have a confirmed day and period allocated. In the meantime keep practising and learning about your culture so you can bring your new ideas along with you. 


Homework  Every Tuesday 3.15-4.45pm in Q17  Afternoon tea is provided. Year 7 - 12 we hope to see you there for support for your learning!



Didge Group

UHS Didge Crew, Miribi Bunbal - Yidaki Bumawa, were invited to participate in an Environmental and Reconciliation​ webcast as part of Reconciliation Week.

The webcast, hosted by Reconciliation and Climate Change captains from Ceder Girls Secondary School in Victoria, included a performances by Yidaki Bumawa to open and close the proceedings.

Senior Didge fellas, Jayden Perry and River Langford, contributed to the panel discussions alongside Wurundjeri elder, Murrundindi Woterang, a Wurundjeri woman and medicine student, Dan Rosendahl, archaeologist and Executive Officer for the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region and Lyn-Al Young, Gunnai, Wiradjuri, Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta fashion designer and artist. "As a fisherman," explained Jayden, "I have seen changes in the environment even in my lifetime. There's not as many fish now and I'm noticing much more pollution.
I feel worried for the future. We need to care for our environment."


ISER Awards Recipients

The Inspire, Succeed, Excel Aboriginal Education Excellence Awards acknowledge outstanding excellence of Aboriginal students in schools across the Illawarra South East. We would like to congratulate the following students who received the following awards:

Culture  Courage Commitment Award

Tear Locke

Recognition of  Special Education Award

Trey Butler

Sporting Excellence Award

Michael Salafia

Attendance Award

Jason Rice

Takesa Frank

Deklan Barford

Creative  and Performing  Arts Award

Miribi Bumbal/Yidaki 

River Langford

Joshua Stewart

Henry Griffin

Samuel Griefahn

Jason Rice

Blaise McKenzie-Wiesberger

Jake Mines

Locklin Zerafa

Ashton Dihm

Kane Watson

Taylor Golle

Jayden Perry

Hudson Fishlock

Briley Hucman

Richard Howell

Dylan Walker

Noah Golle

Congratulations to all our recipients

Angelique McCabe

Acknowledgment to Country



Acknowledgment to Country is performed before all formal ceremonies and assemblies to show respect to Aboriginal people both past and present. We encourage all our Aboriginal students to learn the acknowledgement to country and be able to stand up proud and recite it at our school. Gunya, Dhugan and Bangarra roll call teachers have copies of the acknowledgement. If you would like a copy see Samara in the Gunya room.









Walawaani everyone and welcome back. We are excited to see you all back and ready to go - in full school uniform.

We understand that during the last couple of months you may have fallen behind with assessments and classwork - 
we are here to help and support you through this.
The Aboriginal Education Team will be in contact with you to discuss ways forward - completing N Awards/Assessment tasks. We encourage you all to attend the Homework Centre at 3.05pm Tuesday afternoons in Q Block - use this time to catch up and get help from our team.  Senior students are encouraged to use the Gunya Room for your study periods. The next few months are going to be exciting with several new programs that we will run for you all with the support of the AMS, Waminda, AIME and PCYC. 

If you need support or guidance come see us - we are here for you. Once again - welcome back, we have missed you all!


Student planting with Landcare

Many hands make light work! Rory Pollock, Archie Henry, Briley Hucman, Cohen Hucman, Hudson Fishlock and Jason Rice went up to Little Forrest Rd, Milton to help Milton Rural Landcare with the rejuvenation of burn out land from the recent bush fires. There was a range of tasks that included assembling tree guards, digging holes, planting little tree/bush and back filling, installing tree guards, banging in stakes, watering in and making new friends. We are super proud of you all for putting your hand up to do this wonderful work for our community and environment. HUGE thank you to Ice for arranging and taking them as well as Uncle Clarrie Gibbs for helping out.

Well done boys. 


SBAT Students




Congratulations to our Aboriginal SBAT students who had their first day at work on Friday. Well done to Kasey-Lee, Ella and Tanaya.





Students and Teachers in homework centre after school

Homework Centre

Homework Centre is back for 2020 - Every Tuesday in Q17 3.15pm -4.45pm. Afternoon tea provided. Come get help with your work by a group of fantastic teachers and mentors. We encourage you all to attend. See you on Tuesday!! 

Boonan UHS Aboriginal Girls Dance Troupe

Dance will start Wednesday Period 1 in the Movement Studio with Mrs Grady. If you would like to learn both contemporary and traditional Aboriginal dance I encourage all to come and try it out. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your culture and learn something new.
Come and have a go!

Miribi Bunbal UHS boys Didgeridoo Group 

Didge practice is on Thursdays Period 3 in Q5. This is a great way to connect with the mob and learn about your culture. If you are interested please see Samara to write you name down. Mr Richardson will again be your mentor. 

NRL School 2 Work Program 2020

The S2W Program has been operational since 2012 and utilises the positive profile of rugby league to support and encourage Year 11 & 12 Indigenous students to achieve their HSC and prepares them as they transition from school to employment or further education.  This support continues for a further 12 months to assist them during this challenging time. If you are interested in participating please see Samara for registration forms. 


Yr 7 Koori Students

Welcome back

Walawaani everyone and welcome back to another great year of success and opportunities!! Huge welcome to our Year 7's, all 23 of you.
This year you will be afforded many opportunities to learn your culture, attend summer camps, career days, leadership programs and much much more so please we encourage all of you to "Have a go". There are now 109 Aboriginal and TSI students at UHS, so lets grow and succeed together. 


Koori Korner  2019 Wrap Up

What a huge year it has been for all our 86 Koori students! Many opportunities were afforded to our kids this year and we are so proud of all that took part and had a go!  Just some of the activities that we had the opportunity to be a part of were the University of Sydney Summer school Camp, University of Sydney Winter school camp, UOW Indigenous Careers Day, Waminda Young Women's Program, NAIDOC week performances by our girl's Boonaan dance group and Miribi Bunbal didge boys, NRL School 2 Work mentoring program, Trish Ellis teaching the local Dhurga language to us, Budawang Public School mural project and the Dead or Deadly Health Program to name a few. The Aboriginal Education Team are proud of all your efforts this year and we encourage you all to "have a go" next year and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. Next year we will see 21 Koori Year 7 students start at UHS and we say goodbye to our 11 graduating Year 12 students. Thank you all for a wonderful year and we wish all the families a Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year! See you all in 2020 in full uniform, ready to learn and practise your culture.                                         Samara Williams


River Langford

Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer School Program

Koori Year 10 students River Langford and Tanaya North applied to attend the WMBB Summer School Program and were successful! We are proud of your initiative and know you will make the most out of this experience. The program is run by the University of Sydney's Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu unit for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to give them the opportunity to stay on-campus, access world-class facilities and meet current university students. This program will equip River and Tanaya with useful skills for their final years at school and allow them to explore options for university and careers.


Student working on Mural

UHS and Budawang Public School  Joint Mural Project

This week Budawang Public School students and UHS Aboriginal students completed the mural that we started during NAIDOC week. It was our pleasure to be able to assist the Budawang students in creating the Aboriginal inspired mural.
The UHS students that participated in the project were patient, under-standing and should be commended.
Thank you to Col Burns from Budawang for allowing our students to be part of this project and we look forward to continuing the great relationship we have with your school.


Koori Year 12s

Good luck to all our Year 12 students sitting their HSC exams. We wish you all the best of luck and have confidence that you will do your very best.  We are all very proud of you.

School Based Traineeship Opportunity Year 10 or 11 ATSI Students

The Storylines SBAT opportunity will enable you to achieve a Cert III – Information, Digital Media and Technology qualification, whilst completing your HSC. You will also be paid for 100 days of work (required to be completed during the period of your traineeship). If you are interested please see Samara for more information. 


Homework Centre

Homework centre has moved to the library please make sure you attend each Tuesday at 3.15 to get help with your assessments and catch up on class work.

Waminda Young Women's Program

At the end of Term 3 Waminda youth workers Mel, Olivia and Betty ran a workshop with our girls which they do once a term discussing topics around wellbeing, health, mental health, body image, self esteem and cultural connections, This term the focus was on self care, positivity and showing respect to others and yourself. Thank you to the ladies from Waminda for all your support and mentoring of our girls. We really appreciate it here at UHS and we can’t wait to see you again next term for our final session and your positive vibes. Congratulations to all our Aboriginal Year 12 students on your schooling career here at UHS. The Aboriginal Education Team are proud of all 11 of you that graduated and we hope for nothing but success and happiness for your future. Good luck in your exams!!




Congratulations to everyone involved in making UHS NAIDOC Week 2019 a huge success! This week we had an art competition, story telling and our big NAIDOC assembly which was amazing and the unveiling of the Uncle Fred Carriage portrait which is proudly hung in the Gunya room where he can continue to look over

our students and inspire them. The boys didge group Miribi Bunbal and Girls Dance Group Boonaan should all be proud of your performance, as are we and the community. You are amazing! The cutting of the cake for this years NAIDOC theme VOICE, TREATY, TRUTH was done by Aunty Nelly Mooney and NAIDOC Community Award Winner Shane Snelson.  This year we saw 6 awards given to worthy students and community members who inspire, work hard and lead by example. Congratulations to our NAIDOC 2019 Award Winners:

Commitment to Culture and Community - Mikayla Helms

Commitment to Education and Leadership -Takesa Frank

Commitment to Excellence in Aboriginal Education - Hamish Richardson

Uncle Fred Carriage Award for Educational Strength and Resilience - Rory Pollock

Aunty Nellie Mooney Award for Courage and Compassion in Education -Tear Locke


Aboriginal students 2018-2019 leadership group

What a fantastic year it’s been for our students!!! Our outgoing School Captain Takesa Frank has had an enormous impact in her role implementing several initiatives in the community and within our school. Takesa you are a true leader and an inspiration to all. We wish you all the best in your future aspirations. We are proud of you!

Congratulations to Tear Locke,Year 11, who was elected school Vice-Captain and to Latasha Wellington and Ruby Frank, Year 10 and Mikayla Helms Year 8, who are now our newly elected student SRC and SEC. We know that you will work hard, lead by example and inspire others.

Good luck, you are doing us all proud. 



Our Year 8 student Mikayla Helms from the Ngampaa tribe is a UHS SRC representative who took part in organising Pride Month celebrations at UHS, we are all very proud of her contribution. Pride month is a time to celebrate and recognise the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. The Aboriginal Education Team at UHS support Pride Month and stand with our brothers and sisters. 


Reconciliation Week 2019

Reconciliation Week Morning Tea was celebrated with an amazing performance by our Didge boys who performed in front of a multitude of invited guests, including the Ulladulla Public School leadership group (photo). Thank you to Mrs Toni Williams for making yet another beautiful cake to celebrate this occasion.

At the heart of reconciliation is the relationship between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. To foster positive race relations, our relationship must be grounded in a foundation of truth. This year’s theme is "Grounded in Truth, walk together with courage".


Mungo Young Project

The Aboriginal Boys Didge Ensemble, Miirbal Bunbal (12 UHS students), along with Mr Ring and Mr Richardson, took the 13 hour drive to Lake Mungo to participate in the Mungo Youth Project. The Mungo Youth Project provides students with skills in knowledge development and builds optimism, pride and confidence. It also provides students with a set of experiences that help embed them within the oldest living culture on the planet. With over 65,000 years of managing country, students come to this special place knowing that they are walking in the footsteps of people who emphasise the essential combination of country and culture. Ulladulla High School, along with the Aboriginal Education Team, are grateful for this opportunity. We look forward to hearing the boys stories.


N Determinations and Unfinished Work

All students are encouraged to complete all class work and assessments on time. If you need help with completing your assessment we ask that you attend the Homework Centre on Tuesday afternoons and come see us if you need help as we are here for you. 


Gunya, Dhugan & Bangurri Social Media 

Join the UHS Gunya, Dhugan and Bangurri social media group on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and opportunities. 

Instagram - gunya.dhugan.uhs

Facebook - gunya.dhugan.uhs




On 4-5 April seven of our Koori boys, Mr Ring and John Field attended the traditional Bark canoe making workshop and Men’s gathering at the ANU campus Kioloa which was hosted by the ULALC. There were adults and other Koori boys from Nowra HS and Batemans Bay HS who attended. The boys learnt how to make bark canoes from scratch first stripping the bark from the tree using tools and being taught by our respected elders and community leaders. They made two canoes which will be launched NAIDOC Week in Ulladulla. The boys said they all had an amazing time and really enjoyed being around other Koori boys, learning about their culture and hearing yarns around the campfire. Thank you to the ULALC for the opportunity. 

"I enjoyed this camp because I got to learn more about my culture and how to make a bark canoe like my ancestors would. I learnt all different things like the process of making a bark canoe from start to finish and the tools that were used. Meeting other Koori fellas from other schools and working with them to make the canoe was very rewarding" - Jayden Perry Year 10


Bangarra Girls Dance Workshop – Nowra

This workshop aims to foster the development of dance skills and cultural significance for both experienced and inexperienced dancers from Years 7-12. During this workshop students with exceptional talent and potential will be identified to be considered eligible for selection for the 2019 NSW Public Schools Aboriginal Dance Company that will perform at the State Dance Festival and the 2019 Schools Spectacular. Throughout the workshop the students learnt contemporary Indigenous repertoires from some of Bangarras leading artists. Big thanks to Amanda Grady for taking the girls to Nowra to participate.


Waminda Young Women’s Program

This project targets Indigenous Young Girls and Young Women on the South Coast in Years 7-12. Waminda work run a workshop once a term. The aim of the project is to run workshops that touch on topics such as mental health problems and trauma, improve school attendance/engagement and/or access to education and/or employment opportunities, support cultural connections and identity and building healthy lifestyle & relationships.

In the first session the girls created vision boards which showcased their inspirations and aspirations. A yarning circle was created to remind them of respect. The facilitators noticed that several of the girls were unsure of who their mob are and where they descend from so Waminda’s next session will focus on belonging, identity and reconnecting with culture.

Inspire, succeed, excel

The Aboriginal Education Excellence Awards held in Batemans Bay recognise students, staff and members of the community who have contributed to Aboriginal education and promoted attendance, diversity, leadership and emphasises that all students be actively engaged in meaningful, challenging and future focused  learning.

Four of our Aboriginal students received awards and we are very proud of their achievements.

The Ulladulla High School (UHS) Aboriginal education team encourages all our students to strive to do their best and be recognised for their hard work and dedication to their education.

This year we will have a lot of opportunities and excursions for our students to be involved in. For students who would like to get involved we encourage pride in culture and a willingness to learn and have a go. There is a whiteboard in the Gunya room with upcoming opportunities so please take a look and let Samara know if you are interested.  


Homework Centre

​This is every Tuesday from 3.15- 4.45pm and is now in Q17. We encourage all our Koori students to attend and get the help and support they need to complete assessments, practice timetables, read and ask questions. We are here for you!! Please attend and use this very valuable resource. 







Debating Workshop - Because Of Her We Can

Koori Korner debating team

On 12th June Mr Riddick accompanied three of our Koori students Keira Sloane, Tear Locke and Maisy Staples to a debating workshop in Batemans Bay. The theme this year is "Women closing the gap" to coincide with the 2018 NAIDOC theme ‘Because of her, we can'. We had great feedback from our students. Keira said she "had learnt a lot and loved the experience". The final part of the workshop consisted of a panel of Local Aboriginal Elders who shared their stories and opinions on what they believe could ‘Close the Gap'. The day was in preparation for the NAIDOC Week debating team and we look forward to following their journey.

Reconciliation Week Celebrations

reconciliation week performances

It was a fantastic turnout for the 2018 Ulladulla High School Reconciliation Week Morning Tea. We had Aunty Nellie Mooney welcome all students and guests to country followed by an introduction to Reconciliation Week by Aboriginal staff Samara Williams and Sharon Bunyan.  


Well done to the Koori girls who were involved in the dance production and the welcome song and the Koori boys who were involved in the didge performance at the morning tea.  It was an outstanding show and it was wonderful to share morning tea with many Elders and community members. Thank you to Mrs Grady and Mr Richardson for their exceptional mentor skills for our dance and didge players. Thank you also to Mr Skinner and the entertainment students for making the performances run smoothly. A video of the Performance will be uploaded to our M-goals website for any parents or caregivers who are interested in watching the performance.

On behalf of UHS we would like to say a big thank you to all the parents, caregivers and students who attended the Aboriginal education BBQ on May 08. We had a great turnout where parents and caregivers were able to sit down and chat with the Aboriginal education team regarding the appropriate support we provide the students and the details of each individual Personal Learning Plan.

It was fantastic to hear the positive feedback in regards to the Tuesday night homework centre and the extensive support we provide each student.

Well done to Paris Fishlock and Jazmin Simpson who will be attending a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Youth Development Camp in Jindabyne 21st-23rd May. The Camp, which is run by the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and ASTI Mathematics Alliance is committed to supporting and raising the academic achievement of Aboriginal students. This program aims to empower students to be active learners in their education and training by providing opportunities to develop skills in leadership roles within their schools and community.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Youth Development Camp, Jindabyne 21-23 May.  Any Years 7-11 students interested in attending, please see Samara for an application form.

Personal learning plans

Parents have been receiving letters regarding completing a questionnaire to help complete the Personal learning plans.

Our team will be hosting a BBQ on Tuesday 8th May at the school in the Koori Garden for parents and carers to meet with the Aboriginal Education Team to discuss ways to support their children.

Bangarra dance

Bangarra dance group

On 3rd March four UHS Aboriginal students attended Kiama High School for a Cultural dance workshop organised by Bangarra. Overall, it was a fantastic day for our students to learn about their culture and improve their dance techniques.

National Reconciliation Week morning tea

debating team


Aboriginal Elders and community members are invited to UHS for a morning tea commemorating National Reconciliation week and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture within UHS. The morning tea will be on Tuesday 29th May commencing at 10:30am in the school's MPC. Food will be provided and students will perform and share work with the community. The theme for NRW 2018 is ‘Don't Keep History a Mystery'. This year Australians Learn to Share and Grow – by exploring our past, learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and developing a deeper understanding of our national story. Our Year 10 students will be learning about Rights and Freedoms so they will be attending and interacting with the community.


Ulladulla High's NSW State Naidoc Debating team proudly represented our school at Dubbo Zoo on the 30th October 2017. They won quite a number of debates, however, just missed out on the final due to points. An amazing effort! We would also like to thank Brendan, Sharon, and the Team.

NAIDOC Week - art workshops

As part of the week's celebrations at school, students have participated in Art workshops, alongside the talented Miss Jessie Cowan and Shane Snelson from the Ulladulla Aboriginal Lands Council. Each student's art work is inspired by a story they wish to tell about culture. Student's designs are placed onto canvases and onto templates for socks! A winning sock design will be available to purchase at a later date!

Waminda health & pamper day

Female Aboriginal students attended an Aboriginal Women's health and pamper day at the Dunn Lewis Centre. Students had health checks in order to receive complimentary beauty treat-ments. Overall the girls had a fantastic day and learnt about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to the wonderful workers at Waminda! 

AB study assistance

Have you applied to centrelink for your AB study term allowance? You can apply on line or at centrelink. The first payment of $156 is paid directly to the school and can assist in the purchase of uniforms, excursions and fees. Please see Sharon  if you have not applied and we can send home an application form.

If you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school so that we can work together and provide assistance.